Valerie Mosley Photography
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Connect with your audience through authentic visual storytelling. I’m an award-winning photojournalist, but more importantly, I’m here to help you connect with your audience and make lasting memories.

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Through the use of compelling videography, photography, interviews, and more, I help businesses, nonprofits, and families tell their story in a way that people want to hear it. 

It’s a well-researched fact that people are simply much more likely to remember and be moved when professional visuals are used. Images are processed faster than words, evoke more emotion, and create connection in a way that’s just more powerful than words alone. Further, your business or nonprofit is competing with over 3,000 marketing messages a day for your fan’s attention. You must do something to set yourself apart and make your message resonate with your audience. 

Together, we’ll define your story, I’ll shoot amazing shots, film the elements of the tale, and create a series of photos or documentary-style short video that helps you capture your essence in a catching, meaningful, and authentic way.



I specialize in helping businesses, nonprofits, and families tell their story—no matter what that story may be. Click below to learn more about how I can help you tell your story.

Working with Val was absolutely incredible. I love the way that she listened to me, helped plan out shots that would truly convey my message and took gorgeous photos. I also really enjoyed how easy it was to access my images through her online gallery and I loved the quick turn-around.
— Melissa Venable, Life Coach and Author of Finding FabYOUlous